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About Fantasy General II
Fantasy General is back!

In Fantasy General II, you are the son and heir of the respected warrior Falir One-Eye, ready to prove yourself to your clan and your father. You will lead a Warband across the world of Aer, a place of great beauty and even greater danger. Fertile valleys, huge forests and imposing mountains cover these lands, all presenting their own challenges to your clan.

Victory will require the creation of a fearsome and mighty army, made up of Axemen, Slingers, Spearmaidens and more! Harness the power of magic to recruit vicious creatures, and punish your enemies. Train your forces in battle, so that they may gain experience and bring home great treasures. One day you may even take the fight to The Empire, the strongest of all realms. Victory there will mean a

lifetime of glory. Are you up to the task?
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